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About Us

We deliver opportunities!

Based in Padborg, Denmark, Schmit International Transport A/S equals state-of-the-art logistics and service to the highest quality standards. Our many years of experience allow us to provide you with the best transport solution and superb customer service.

Our fleet of vehicles, which now numbers 180 towing vehicles and trailers, covers approx. 20 million kilometres on the roads of Europe, each year. We predominantly organize transport of industrial products, both regionally and across Europe, with a focus on transport between Denmark and the EU. On a daily basis, we have 70,000 horsepower on the roads for you, with a total of more than 5,000 pallet spaces. Our state-of-the-art vehicle fleet meets all customer requirements. 

In cooperation with Norway Express ApS, we have grown to become specialists in transport to and from Scandinavia. Our product range includes daily departures for partial and complete loads, special transport for loads of up to 18 m in length and coil transport for the manufacturing industry.

With us, you will always receive a complete, professional solution!

Transport know-how

Efficiency and transport

Some take the scenic route, we prefer the straight way!

Europe? certainly! Thanks to impeccable coordination, Schmit International Transport A/S can handle a large number of orders. Smart route planning and the help of our telematics solution allow us to achieve excellent adherence to deadlines, even in the case of last-minute customer requests or changes.

This is much appreciated by our loyal customers!



Based in Padborg, Denmark, Schmit International Transport A/S is synonymous with first-class service in the field of logistics. Every day, we cover approximately 100,000 kilometres for you – when serving our customers, nowhere is too far away!

Our many years of experience and our vehicle fleet, equipped with the latest facilities, allow us to meet all customer requests at all times. A professional team of employees works 24 hours a day to ensure smooth operation and strict adherence to deadlines. We provide a professional, all-round solution!


Norway Experts! Our subsidiary, Norway Express ApS, acts as a bridge - closely connecting Europe to Norway. We specialize in transport with departure points or destinations in, e.g., Germany or the BeNeLux countries!

Our own trailer terminal in Oslo enables us to keep loading space available every day and to meet our customers' every wish when it comes to fast and secure delivery of small or large loads!

Norway Express ApS – your ideal partner for shipment to and from Norway!


We are the safe solution!  With our branch in Szczecin, we have extended our position on the international transport market and rounded the service range of our transport group. Our employees possess excellent knowledge of the Industry, allowing us to establish ourselves considerably on the Eastern European market. 

In doing so, we have kept our focus firmly on the customer service and punctual deliveries. Our company represents competence and professional orientation to the customer.


No matter what hurdle, we can overcome it!

For special transport within Europe, Schmit International Transport AS always has the ideal vehicle at hand. Our vehicle fleet includes approx. 50 satellite-monitored special-purpose vehicles fitted with, among others, extendable telescopic trailers for transport of industrial products of up to 19 m in length, as well as conventional trailers with transportable forklift trucks. Naturally, all of our special-purpose vehicles have a year-round permit, so that they are available at all times.

Schmit Int. Transport AS is an ideal independent contact for your company when it comes to special-purpose transport, as it can act as a one-stop service provider, covering everything from planning to the possible procurement of special permits and escort vehicles to carrying out the transport itself.

Our decades of experience in the special-transport market for the construction, wind-energy and offshore industries stand testament to our abilities!

Coil Transports

No matter how heavy, we deliver!

Schmit can handle it! Schmit International Transport AS is a pioneer when it comes to coil transport. Regardless the size, our coil trailers are certified to carry XL loads and your coils are secured with the latest tension chains and ratchets.

Coil transport is highly significant in the metalworking industry and requires the utmost precision in its implementation – our vast experience in this area is your advantage!

The vehicle fleet

The strength of knowing the right path!

Working life in the logistics and transport industry is characterized by dynamism, tight deadlines and flexibility. We have 180 of our own towing vehicles and approx. 200 trailers, including coil trailers, telescopic trailers for loads of up to 19 m in length and conventional Tautliners. Dispatched by our professional team, the fleet delivers perfect, seamless logistics on a daily basis. Navigated using satellite monitoring, the vehicles feature state-of-the-art technology and equipment, allowing us to maintain absolute supervision of the load and the vehicle. This allows us to combine tailored logistics concepts with classical freight transport and to act as a successful partner for your company!

The Team

Our employees have been with the company for many years, giving us access to outstanding levels of experience in the transport industry.

Our team works in a dedicated and professional manner with every logistical task and is always within reach the fastest possible way.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! - Our employees know and live by this philosophy and you can always count on us. As an independent freight carrier, we can cooperate with any logistics partner or shipper.

Whether it's for partial or complete loads, special transport or individual transport solutions – our expert team is always ready to help!


We train our employees through constant training activities and thereby improve the quality and efficiency of our services. The transport industry is expected to be one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy in coming years. Benefit from this trend – get on board!

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